New year in Amsterdam

Mayıs 17, 2017

2016 New Year in Amsterdam

December 31, 2015, Cengiz Selcuk

A lot to be said about Amsterdam, there is a lot of information and travel notes. Obviously I did not do something, that’s a long time does not mean anything I will try to explain a few minor recommendations on just what I did. Hopefully there will be benefits.

I must say if you want to have your benefits go to a planned economy in Amsterdam. Can I just say that Amsterdam is an expensive city. This can cut your appetite a little bit so that when you see the prices of hotel and meals.

Bike City

Accommodation in Amsterdam

Hotel deals in Amsterdam not suitable, stayed in the city’s holiday programs that prices will flock to the venue, which also escalates intensely. We used our choice in favor of the Ibis Budget hotel. The hotel’s airport shuttle to the lack of time caused us to prefer. City hotel prices in the center of 3-4 per night price was attractive annoying to find hotel deals found by half figures like TL 2,000. Here I suggest you call the hotel from different channels. For example, the Ibis Budget I’m not able to find room for the hotel, while the hotel also can find available rooms on their site. It’s worth checking sources outside so booking. you can be a good alternative.

Amsterdam is a city where freedoms as everyone knows, is the upper limit. Streets in that pot-smoking, rather than a lot of people in the streets all your weed, coke can see this bothers you, you can rotate your head after a while, even unwittingly, too. Amsterdam is also certain proportions within the drug free. This puts a different view of the city.


How should move with the economy?

Let me give you a few tricks that benefit the city. You can reach on foot the important points in the city. But sometimes this can be unbearable. The city has a stunningly precise layout and many other things. Each tram or bus is going full-time position. Under these circumstances inevitably do plan on using them.

Amsterdam Christmas
Iamsterdam city card ile ilgili görsel sonucu

There are a few nice apps for tourists. One of them Iamsterdam city card. We would like to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this card. How is the money? What does it do?

Card 1, 2 and 3 days as they were sold. Card;

Allows making free entry to museums, 
allows you to make free canal tour, 
free bus and entitles you to ride the tram, 
some restaurants and a discount with free access to tourist areas, 
a free map of the city as a gift.

Amsterdam Christmas Ice Rink

So which entered the museum?

I must say you do not have much time or space if you have a lot of museums you visit this card may come at a very reasonable price. There are many museums in Amsterdam and within only time you would be wrong if I say I’m going to buy you come and go to this museum.

I list of the places that are important can be done free entry below:

Van Gogh: 17.00 EUR, the Stedelijk: 15 EUR, Artis Royal Zoo: 20,50 EUR, Hermitage: 17.50, Nieuwe Kerk: 16 EUR (new churches, in March 2016 there until Rome exhibition. 4.50 city card in Exhibition is being requested for,) rembrandhuis: 13 eur, Van Loon: 9 eur ..

You can free canal tour in an amount of EUR 16 addition. The 25% discount on rental bikes beside the experience and Heiken Available on sale at various points, such as 25%.

If you can see a list of all the places there I

So many of you say iyiymiş got to take this card, if the above locations or other places where you can enter the free spaces within you visit might make sense to get this card. Let’s talk about the negative side …

Channel Houses

This card does not pass the famous No. 197 airport express bus line. And in the same train that runs between the central point of departure airport it does not work well. on this card may not be very attractive if you have access to the hotel if you prefer the off side. Already outside the airport and the center between these two preferred alternative means of transport ta do not.

There is a practice in the airport bus transportation centers and metro and tram. It sold in the airport as the center point. 3 for an unlimited day use fee is requested as 25 EUR. In the use of a 3-day figure it emerges as EUR 100 per person for both cards. So te obviously not attractive.

City cardin Another disadvantage is that does not provide free access to the city’s most important museums.

The Anne Frank House: 9 EUR 
Royal Palace: 10 EUR 
Rijkmuse I 17.50 EUR (2.50 EUR city where there is a discount in the amount of the card) 
Heiken Experience: 16 EUR (reduced form)

Now you need to decide that after this point, where you can visit while you’re in the inside? Once you’ve made your plan, you can look up your mind that it is advantageous in which the museum.

Price is claimed 55,65,75,85 24,48,72 and 96 hours e for like periods. Now your decision.

Also at one point I would like to mention that Van Gogh Van Gogh’s complete works, unfortunately, not in museums. Stedelijk and Van Gogh works Rijkmuseum in other 3-day city card for mevcut.4 day, we get a last card in all the 3-day transportation. If you would not need a card card outside the city was not our airport arrival. In fact, while the choice of hotel is also need to pay attention to this point. Other than that, if there is more than present a different card for a different card dealing. The royal palace, rijkmuse and offering an advantage in concert … I will not mention any details because frankly the price is a bit high.

The first day of the small plane soon as we reached our hotel by shuttle. I give a little note. Download to your phone if there is no Uber app. Uber is valid and prices in Amsterdam can be called affordable. We tried our journey from the airport center with Uber and 28 EUR as an account emerged. In the center alone it can be troublesome to find and tools that I convey up to 100 Eure as possible to experience high prices. Also showing the movements of all public transport in the city and you can use the existing phone app directs you to the place from where you are you. Applications incredibly successful. You have surely your phone.

Amsterdam Barge

Amsterdammers are generally found in warm-blooded people. We recognize that people know every corner hello to everyone, Happy new year, we enjoy the sounds of lively streets with the smell of grass and accompaniment.

If in the winter we have a good news if you are in this city. I am writing to the Museum Square in Amsterdam overlooked an ice rink awaits you. Just take your shoes and start slipping.

Amsterdam city in the world, as you know from the low height and low points of the city is 6.5 meters. However, is said to be greater than the number of people the number of bicycles in the city (the city is very common even when the bicycle usage and traffic almost none) of the number of channels in town is more than Venice, the coffee for a large majority of the people you love, to their home on the water, the city ground to mud and sand that occurs, he stood on wooden logs, for example, that 14,000 of the royal palace on the pile should be noted.

Dining in Amsterdam

Amsterdam You can find a lot of choices for breakfast. We Omelegg we had our breakfast at a place called. Name of a place that offers omelets to prepare and be understood. Assorted omelets are doing it alone, “raw” elements of al attention, do not get nuisance.

In fact, two major cities-can eat you might encounter problems with drinking venues,

You may not find place in space (which we cafe in close and seafood could not find places named places) 
Fees higher than the price we used to.

Lombardo’s you can eat a burger. We took ourselves to have a tiny space. Believe gives the right to praise it receives. You can spend a meal in here with our friendly staff and a tiny space. The Netherlands does not have its own kitchen, looking for different cuisines state when such people. Best Italian restaurant in Leidseplein Sergio You can also try. Classic Italian pizza and pasta to taste the hot environment can have fun.

In the last day of our trip to Anne Frank House ‘We’re in a pancake eating delicacy during taki against the channel. Obviously I can not say that in my söyleyemese great city that remains very down to a point. Map your Greenwoods I recommend you search the item.

His steakhouse style venues outside the city in the cafe close you want to get a little taste of the seafood and the Seafood can be a good choice. So if you prefer to eat at the suggestion of a friend of Foodhallenadvised.

Food around the corner, many potato fries Speaking while walking in the street, you can see small shops such as sweet shop. Most shops you’ll come across is of course also cheese shops. a famous city with Amsterdam cheeses. You will receive a cheese shop after you’ve already seen it.


Another point is that you need to pay attention when walking in the street pavement in the city. Pavement you could bike path where you walk. Be careful. Cyclists are not very sympathetic to this issue. Every moment you can experience an accident.

This city can sometimes be more free you, I will not mention, but I will not pass without mention of the grass and the smell of the coffee shop constitute a lifestyle. Sir city’s most important coffe shop the Bull Dog . Already you can see many bulldog cafe while visiting the city. This café sipping drink beer while chatting with people smoking and herbs. Yes, despite the ban on signs covered area is inside. Where everyone has a place in a space cakes heard from. A kind of brownie cake application. The property is in the city to be free, which is made by drug consumption. I would say that every tourist’s try trusting yourself some of these cakes.

You have not much free Söyleg city limits will be in the museum, such as sexuality, sexy even. If you already want to take a coffe shop for gifts magnets on the Amsterdam houses, museums, and you’ll see the sex shop. The Bulldogs have more of a city street cafe attracts the attention of tourists lined the streets to shunt name is Red Light Discrit . This street shops glass of red light click on a street where their customers looking women. After the city’s museums have created the concept of freedom of the theater business. No need to think too much speech.

There is something different in the city .. may come across a surprising urinals at some point in the seemingly unknown whether freedom for comfort, you can see over a guy that does the work.

There are a few more attractions we wanted to see in the city. One of them Brouwerij’t . The venue is one of Amsterdam’s famous mill. Here you can taste the beer tasted different, you can pose with windmill.

Another venue Paradiso you can find .Rijkmuseum the other side of the channel on the right rear side. The cost of listening to different kinds of music group head sallayabilip new music venues in the old church of EUR 5 now.

Paradiso – Amsterdam

Finally Door 74 . A kind of secret place .. Tired of the flower market, the breath come by.

Amsterdam Attractions

Canal Tour

If you please make sure that this city has attracted a canal tour can observe the channel and date. Amsterdam canal cruises can be a good choice, because 16 is the next time you set your ear canal Turkish announcements. information about the channel during this tour, you will learn important information about the above channels are Amsterdam town houses.

Heineken Experince

Heineken has transformed the factory, which was opened two hours a wonderful adventure. establishment of the factory can see the process from now until the moment, and the process of how to make beer and visible moment when, in the end you can taste the barley water mix.

Also detailed narration of how the beer is made, animation 7d looking room, then you can distribute beer in the city with bike sing in the animated film .. the point to be incurred Heineken experience.

Dam Square

Center and City Square. Royal Palace, opposite the Magna Plaza shopping center, a new wax museum and church here.


Van Gogh Museum

 the works of Van Gogh’s story. Van Gogh in Amsterdam for what the Netherlands for Amsterdam!

Royal Palace

Name on the royal palace. Dam square in front of the majestic structure. I do not think it would need to spend hours to tour the inside.

Old and New Church

The city’s historical landmarks, this sightseeing, you can experience a mystical scent.


Actually pass in front of a door that you can last without this region. Opening a secret garden that can be accessed from two different directions. There is also a short story. In this land are dominated by Protestantism Catholic Christian women have been forced to maintain their faith in secret this region. a hidden chapel in the region also available.



Amsterdam’s largest city park. The weather is good here and you can not be a more beautiful day for bicycle pedaled away.

Anne Frank House

German genocide escaped from the house where Anne Frank’s hiding. Explanation of Anne Frank’s house with log was converted into a museum. To visit this place, one of the city’s important landmarks should be quite willing. Necessarily Get tickets online. Or you may experience a Sunday morning with 1 km in the queues.

Anne Frank House


Flower market . Take your first time here and do not forget to take along a tulip seeds.

Floer Bazaar

Museum Van Loon

You can visit the spice trade of the Dutch East India company history with Van Loon s opened their beautiful home in Amsterdam.

Stedeljik Museum

Contemporary Modern Art museum, you can see the many tables and modern art designs. If you’re not interested in the things you say you can not get bored

Diamond Museum

Little close to the Van Gogh Museum. You can learn the history of the diamond, you will find deep information about diamonds. Another part of the gift shop.


the largest museum in the city. See my skin rather than sort the contents in place.

Madame tussauds

One of the wax museum you see in most cities. In perhaps the biggest ..

Amsterdam Dungeon

We have made a Dungeons. Fearing in dungeons. Amsterdam has got a lot of museums. Some of museum if you want time you can visit as below:

Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam Museum , Pipe Museum (museum for those who wonder close to the square) Artis Royal Zoo (zoo of the city entrance from 18 EUR, if the museum you can try for something other than sightseeing.), photography and film museum, the Jewish Cultural Quarter, germs Museum, Our Lord in the attic, Persmuse I, Rebrant, home of the National Maritime Museum, the Science Museum NEMO, Amsterdam Arena Tours, Tulip Museum), a small note : with these places and more for a city card, you can visit them all.

I’ll write more, there is a lot in this city..

Cengiz Selcuk

Finally, I share the following thoughts with Amsterdam would be helpful videos explaining their work in a short time. Stay with love.

Amsterdam Igor Fain

Reformatt Show


Mayıs 17, 2017

Mayıs 17, 2017

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